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About Free-Game.Com.

The Tomb Raider series of games are all here with the cheats for the Playstation versions of these very popular games.

Free Games. Cheats, hints and tips plus Downloads for the PC. Playstation 2, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Megadrive and much more.

Our Hot Pick Selection

Hot Pick Number 1 South Park Super Mario Brothers

South park mario title screen (Click to enlarge)
South Park Mario Title Screen
South park mario ingame (Click to enlarge)
South Park Mario Ingame
This game is identical to the Nintendo Mario Brothers except you are Kyle from south park and must rescue some of the other characters. If you are a Mario Brothers fan, download it. It's not as easy as you may think.

Download Now

Hot Pick Number 2 DX-Ball 2.0

DX-Ball 2.0 (Click to enlarge)
DX-Ball 2.0
Dx ball 2 another level (Click to enlarge)
Another Level
With more than 5 Million downloads (not specifically from this site), it's the breakout game that all others are compared to. DX-Ball 1.9 is a great game, imagine what version 2.0 is like! Great levels, great powerups it's definitely worth the download. [More Breakout Games]

Download Now

Hot Pick Number 3 Enchantasy: Quest For The Eternal Grimoire

Title screen (Click to enlarge)
Title Screen

Inside a house (Click to enlarge)
Inside a House

More and more people are missing every day. Monsters and evil humans are roaming the land freely. Turmoil encapsulates the land. Enter the chaotic world of Savallia.

This game was pretty hard to get ahold of, we couldn't find a working link on the internet anywhere. We'd like to say thanks to Marc Johnson (Jouten Jinzounin) and his brother Jordan Johnson (b0dybu1ld3r) for sending us it.

To get this game working you need DOS Box to load the game into. You can download the game and the program needed from the below links.

Download Game = | = Get DOSBox

Hot Pick Number 4 Oracle of Runes

Oracle of runes puzzle b (Click to enlarge)
Oracle of Runes
Puzzle A
Oracle of runes puzzle b (Click to enlarge)
Oracle of Runes
Puzzle B
Runes is a true brain twister for those who love solving logic puzzles. The Oracle of Runes is a animated fun puzzle for both young and old! (Obviously not too young)

Download Now

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