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Digimon Pictures and Digimon Cheat and Digimon Digital Monster.

If your Digimon wakes up by accident.
If your Digimon is sleeping, and he wakes up by accident. You can get it to go back to sleep by pressing C, A ,and C in quick succession.

Get Teddymon.
When your Digimon is an egg, press A A B B C C A quickly. You should see a number if the cheat has worked.

To get a Skull Shooting Teddymon.
you have to have a Teddymon with 100% victories and full hearts then reset and press A B B A B B A B B A C and when your Digimon hatches you will have a Skull Shooting TeddyMon.

Flaming Teddymon.
When your digimon dies press A 200 times,B 100 times,C 25 times.When it hatches press A B C A B C A B C then A & C at the same time.

Twin code.
When your digimon dies hold down B and C ten times you may also get a computermon.

Twin Head Dragon.
Put in your tab and press A A B B C C B than take the tab out.

Old Manmon cheat.
When your Digimon is 30 years old reset him continiously for 5 minutes(using the tab).

Instant Mamemon.
When you have a Botamon, Flush it. When flushing halfway put the tab in then quickly pull it out. The screen will pause and continue again.

The Doubleshot code.
To do a doubleshot, press the a and b buttons at the same time. Do a doubleshot one more time than your opponent to win the battle

The Digimon Inside The Teddymon.
When you have a teddymon get all of its hearts full and its energy meter full too and its victories up to 100%. Then reset it and abbabbabb then ac together and when the egg hatches you will have a skull shooting Teddymon.

Cheat Codes.
When you are in a battle press A A A B B B A A.
Poison code.
Press A B C A B C A B C A C A C or press AB throughout the battle.
To cure the poison.
Flush him 25 times then turn off the lights and train him for 1 round.
Killer Codes.
C C A A C C A A B B C C B B or A A A B B B A A
Winning Codes.
B B A C or C A B (repeatly) or B (repeatly)
The Greatest Poison Codes.
1st shot - Hold down B keep pressing A repeatly.
2nd shot - Hold down A keep pressing C repeatly.
3rd shot - Hold down C keep pressing B repeatly.
4th shot - Hold down all buttons (A,B and C)
Virus Codes Digimon can only win.
1st shot - A then B then C.
2nd shot - Hold down A and B.
3rd shot - A then C.
4th shot - Hold down A B and C.
Fireball cheat when fighting.
To get a Digimon that fires FIREBALLS press A ten times and B once before you fight.

To make your Digimon have 4 exclamations next to the word Energy you Have to have a Agumon or Betamon and feed him 200 vitamins.

Site written by Tony Logan