Dragon Ninja Saga
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Dragon Ninja Saga. Dragon Ninja Saga Shockwave Game download the demo from here.

It is the aim of Planetzio to recreate games that have character and a sense of depth to the gaming. Dragon Ninja Saga is programmed in Shockwave in order to play it you will need to download either version 4 or version 5 of shockwave.

Dragon Ninja Saga is a sidescrolling platform game with the usual elements of jumping and shooting at things as you work across the screen. There is the usual big bad bossman at the end of the levels. As the screen shots show the graphics are nice and clear and the game is a doddle to play.

The game has the obligatory end of level bosses that are not that easy to beat adding longevity to the game. The guys intend releasing more games so i look forward to hearing from them in the future.

Planetzio.com Web Site - The official web site of the game designers planetzio.

Dragon Ninja Saga Demo 2202 Kb download - This demo is programmed in Shockwave so to play it you will need to download the Shockwave player plug in for your browser.

The Team.

Kristofor Jon Dürrschmidt - CEO Planet Zio Entertainment.

Andre Moore - Movie animator who has actually worked on cartoons such as Johnny Bravo.

In order to play these online games you need to download the shock wave Flash Player. Click the image below to download the latest version.

Download Shockwave from here.

Site written by Tony Logan