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GreenFace. Game demo based on Pacman and Game demos with pc game demos.

  • The demo version has 7 levels from 95 in the full registered game.
  • Developer&Publisher:
  • Genre: arcade puzzle similar to Pacman.
  • System: windows95/98/2000
  • Minimum requirements: PII 233, 32Mb Ram, 2MB Video, Directx5.0
The aim of the game is to rescue all of the users trapped inside of the GlobalUni network VR machine. As you solve the levels you will start to build up a password to deactivate the autodestruct sequence.

To get out of a level you must collect all of the pieces of information (infotrons) the number of needed infotrons is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When you have collected all of the infotrons you must make your way to the teleport machine, this should now have the word Finish on it.

The game works well and the graphics are quite good. There are enough pick ups to make the game interesting enough to last a while.

Infotrons Collecting.
To finish a level you need to pick up all the infotrons.You must be verry carefull as the infotrons might be distroied by explosions, and then you must kill an green monster.

Terminals For Dynamite.
When you activate an terminal all the dinamites around will explode! As they are detonated using radio wawes.Some times before you use the terminal you must make sure all the bombs on the next 10 squares are on they place.

How To Kill An Enemy.
If a bomb fall down onto they heads they will day too in a explosion, but they are very smart and they can run away from bombs.

The official GreenFace web site - More screenshots and other Greenface related information.

Download the demo here - 3.24 Mb Download Windows95/98/2000. This is now ths latest version: 1.2 of the game.

GreenFace Screenshots - Screenshots of the game before deciding to download the demo.

Site written by Tony Logan