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Game Demos - Game demos and pc game demos with free game demo downloads and free demo games.

RoboForge. RoboForge game demo and pc game demos with free game demo downloads and free demo games.

System Requirements.
Name and version number of application: RoboForge, version 0.99
File Size: 30MB
License Type: Free Demo
Price of the full version: Demo Free, but full version is US$19.95
Eval Period: - Indefinite
Operating Systems: Win 95, 98, 2000, ME & NT

Other Requirements/Limitations - The minimum specification is a Pentium 233 with 64MB RAM and a 8MB 3D Graphics Card (the graphics card must fully support OpenGL or DirectX 8). You will also need a minimum of 100Mb free disk space and a 28.8k modem.

Game Overview.
Build robot gladiators on your PC with RoboForge. Train them for combat then submit them to tournaments on the Internet. With the RoboForge free demo you can build as many robotic creations as you like, customize their look and give them combat moves. With the full version of RoboForge you can give your bots an artificial intelligence, which allows them to think and fight. Once you have tested your robots on your PC you can then unleash them in tournaments on the Internet where they compete against like bots created by other players from all over the world.

RoboForge Demo - Download the RoboForge demo from this link 30MB download.

RoboForge home page - Click on this link for more screenshots and loads of other information. Look at this site before downloading the demo.

Site written by Tony Logan