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Dragon - Firedrake -- a creature of Teutonic mythology; usually represented as breathing fire and having a reptilian body and sometimes wings

Crystal - A solid formed by the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure

Game Gear Cheats - Sega game gear games and game gear codes with game gear cheats.

Dragon Crystal. Dragon crystal dragon crystal for game gear.

Dragon crystal and dragon crystal for game gear.

North American version Game Genie Codes For Dragon Crystal.
Unlimited hit points 214-EBA-6E2
Start with 75 hit points 4BF-FAF-7FB
Start with 150 hit points 96F-FAF-7FB
Start with 125 hit points 7DF-FAF-7FB
Start with 50 food 50F-F5F-2AA
Start with 75 food 75F-F5F-2AA
Start with maximum food 99F-F5F-2AA
Unlimited food 3AE-FBD-2A2
Start on floor 2 as ranger 02F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 3 as soldier 03F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 4 as warrior 04F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 5 as fighter 05F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 6 as swordsman 06F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 7 as veteran 07F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 8 as knight 08F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 9 as champion 09F-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 10 as hero 0AF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 11 as master 0BF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 12 as paladin 0CF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 13 as warlord 0DF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 14 as dragon lord 0EF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 15 as avatar 0FF-EDF-E6E
Start on floor 16 as master lord 10F-EDF-E6E

Bonus Room.
Power on the Game Gear and rapidly tap Start. Game play should begin in a room filled with food and weapons.

Turbo mode.
Hold Start while moving.

Strategy guide for Dragon Crystal. - Click to go to a strategy guide for dragon crystal.

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