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Free GamesFree Games - Cheats, hints and tips plus Downloads for the PC. Playstation 2, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Megadrive and much more.

Java Games. Java games and online java games that are free java games.

Java Games

Craps - Casino Craps Game Java Applet.

Java Pong - Pong in java.

Java Pool - Pool in java - Very bad game.

Javanoid - Breakout in java.

Smilie Java Darts - Darts in java - Good game.

SuperTris - Tetris in java. (Login Needed)

Lux - Downloadable Risk style game. - Java and Shockwave games. (Adult Site)

Arcade Games - Where can i play java arcade games online and java games arcade classics.

Board Games - Board games that are free board games and online board games.

Card Games - Card games that are free card games and online card games including solitaire card games.

Word Games - Word games and word search games with online word games that are free word games.

Site written by Tony Logan