Dead or Alive2
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Playstation 2 Cheats - Playstation 2 Cheats Ps2-Cheat.Com Playstation 2 cheats and playstation 2 cheat codes with playstation 2 cheats and codes.

Dead Or Alive 2 Cheats and Dead Or Alive 2 Pics with Dead Or Alive 2 Codes. Dead Or Alive 2 Pictures and Or Alive 2 Moves Dead Or Alive 2 Pictures with Dead Or Alive 2 Cheat Codes.

Unlock Bayman.
Complete Story Mode with All characters on any setting OR Complete Story Mode 30 times using any selection of characters.

Unlock Tengu.
First Unlock Bayman. Now collect all 10 Stars in Survival Mode OR Play the game more than 200 times.

Dead or Alive 2. Dead Or Alive 2 Cheats and Dead Or Alive 2 Pics with Dead Or Alive 2 Codes.

Bass's Running Clothesline.
Do Bass's taunt (Down + Punch + Kick), then immediately press Punch and Kick to him perform his running clothesline.

Helena's 12 hit combo.
Press Down/Forward + Punch, Forward + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Down/Up + Kick, Punch, Punch, Back + Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch.

Surviving survival mode.
Once you have knocked the your opponent down, press Up + Punch + Kick to jump onto them. If done correctly, they will leave bonus points and food.

Unlimited Lives.
At the main menu hold R2 and press X and TRIANGLE. Then start a new game and save it to get unlimited lives.

Big Heads.
Beat the game with any of the female characters, then at the start screen press and hold X and O.

Survival Mode.
The main aim of this section of the game is to accumulate points unlike the survival mode in Tekken which you just have to keep beating your opponents. There are several items you cn pick up when you beat you opponent. These do a variety of things as follows.

Carrot - 5000 points.
Lipstick - 10000 points.
Moneybag - 20000 points.
Melon - 30000 points.
Hamburger - Minimum health recovery or 20000 points if your health is full.
Rice Ball - Medium health recovery or 30000 points if your health is full.
Meat - Full recovery or 50000 if your health is full.

In addition to this there is the Danger Reach feature. Slam someone into the Danger Zone and you get 3000 points and you also activate the Danger Reach Time Period. During this period you get double the points that you would normally get. So push them into the danger zone and leather them to get your points total going skyward.

Unlock CG Gallery.
You must earn 200 "game points" to open up the gallery. Each play mode has a certain point value. They are as follows: -
Story - 10 Points
Time Attack - 20 Points
20 Points
Survival - Versus - 20 points
Tag - 30 Points
Team - 40 Points
For example, you could play Team mode 5 times to unlock it, or play Story Mode 10 times and Versus 5 times. Note that the points are cumulative, and will remain in memory as long as you save your game.

Unlock Expanded Credits.
In Very Hard Mode, use every character to complete the game. This will open up Expanded Credits, which will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the game, and more!

Unlock Collection Option.
Once you unlock any secret in the game, the Collection Option will become available.

Bounce Trick.
In the options menu, sub-menu "other", the age you enter determines how bouncy the gals are - the higher ( i.e., the more "mature" ) your age, the bouncier they get.

Site written by Tony Logan