ESPNInternational Track and Field
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ESPN International Track and Field. ESPN international track and field and sony ps2 espn international track & field game.

Hammer Throw.
The hammer throw is one of the more inconsistent events in the game. Use your favorite technique to do fast, clockwise circles. Note: Your power here does not necessarily have to be glowing red; orange-red will do. Stop the power meter at the farthest left side of the throwing area as possible. The red ball can be hanging about one third over the line to still constitute a legal throw. Set your angle at either 43 or 45 degrees for the best possible throw. The game will only let you stop on 43, 45 or 48 degrees usually, and 48 is too high. This technique should land 101+ meter throws and set some great records.

Pole Vault.
In the pole vault event, it is impossible to vault 7.00 meters. However you can vault 6.99 meters quite easily. Vault 5.50 on your first attempt, then when successfully cleared, attempt 6.00 meters, which is still an easy vault and puts you in first place. Finally, after you have successfully completed that, attempt 6.99 meters. You should be able to clear it rather easily if you are good. However, at 7.00 meters once you advance, the game will always stop your recovery bar at the same two spots around the stop arrow - a fraction of an inch before or slightly farther after the stop arrow.

Secret Names and Color Costumes.
At the end of each championship mode you get a secret name for the country you complete it with. You use them Trial mode to change the color of the athlete. Put the city name in as a case sensitive name in trial mode to get it also.
Great Britain - Athens - Grey
Canada - Montreal - Gold
France - Atlanta - Orange
China - Seoul - Purple
Germany - Munich - Light Blue
Italy - Roma - Brown
USA - L.A - Blue
Rusia - Moscow - Cream (white)
Japan - Tokyo - Red
Kenya - Mexico - Green
Australia - Sydney - Silver
Spain - Helsinki - Bronze

Get Pole Vault and More Events.
Put in L.A. for a name in championship mode for pole vault and Montreal to get more events.

Get High Jump and Triple jJump.
Complete the first 8 events in the top 3 to unlock High Jump and Triple Jump.

Get Trap Shooting.
Get gold on all 8 regular and all 3 extra events to unlock trap shooting.

Site written by Tony Logan