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ISS. ISS and international superstar soccer with iss ps2 and konami iss.

ISS and international superstar soccer cheats.

General Passing.
Pass and move is the key. If you tap pass the ball, your player will lay it off first time in the required direction. Keep your eye on the game radar and try to pull off a string of short passes together quickly so your opponent doesn't have time eo react. Remember the analogue buttons hard tap long pass, soft tap short pass.

One Two Balls.
Tap R2 for a give and go pass. This is useful for playing triangular moves as Liverpool did in the eighties. This is useful for getting past opponents by laying the ball on to one of your players then passing to the original player.

Through Balls.
Wait and time your through ball to get some really useful defence splitting moves in. Pass the ball through from midfield or your own defence for the best results.

The goalies are quite hard to beat, for the best results really hammer down on that analogue button. Try some fisrt time shots as these will go in from time to time. Try first time shots from corners and free kicks as these will also go in.

Get Extra Teams.
Go to the title screen and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, O, START. Now go to the team selection screen for International All Star Teams.

Trick List.
Step Over -Double tap run.
Overhead Flick -While running release the D-pad then press the lob button while still pressing the run button.
Evade Tackle -Tap run as the ball comes in.
Heel Lift -Tap lob when stood still with the D-pad not pressed in any direction.
Hurdle -Double tap L2.
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