Metal Gear Solid2
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Metal Gear Solid 2. Metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty and metal gear 2 solid snake.

Reduce Chance Of Being Seen.
When guards and cameras are in your way, take your time and do not rush. Taking your time and thinking of all the ways of bypassing them is the best way of getting past the guard or camera.

Prevent Reinforcements.
If you have been found, equip a small weapon and shoot their codec so no reinforcements can be called.

Enemies Run Away.
If you have been spotted, also try taking out your biggest gun. At times, your enemies may get scared and run.

Defeating Enemies.
When faced with a single enemy, quickly go for his/or her radio or arm.

Using Pipes.
When you see a guard next to a pipe ( which may be hot) shoot where you want the steam to hit your enemy. If the steam hits his leg, he will start to limp. If the steam hits his arm, he will be unable to use his gun or weapon. If the steam hits his radio he will be unable to call for back up.

Attract And Destroy Enemies Without Being Near Them.
Attract enemies by stepping on things that make loud noises. They will investigate the noise. Note: Enemies have to be near your position to hear the noise. You can also knock on walls to lure enemies. Place C4 on the surface where the enemy will be coming from before he or she arrives. Hide, and when the enemy gets near the C4, blow it up.

Big head mode.
At the start menu type up, up, down, circle, triangle, left, right. You should hear a tone and all characters even guards will have big heads.

Play as Revolver Ocelot.
On the title screen hold R1 and press Triangle, Up, Square, Left, Left, Circle, you should hear a tone then start a new game and you will play a special level as Revolver Ocelot.

Invincible (godmode).
Start the game and then pause it in the beginning and enter this : triangle, square, triangle, x, x, x, o, r2,r1,r2,l1,circle.

Infinite health.
At the start press pause and enter X, Triangle, circle, square, left, right, left, right

Site written by Tony Logan