TekkenTag Tournament
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Playstation 2 Cheats - Playstation 2 Cheats Ps2-Cheat.Com Playstation 2 cheats and playstation 2 cheat codes with playstation 2 cheats and codes.

Secret characters - Successfully complete the game to unlock each secret character, which appear in the following order.
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel

Tekken Tag Tournament. Tekken Tag Cheats and Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats.

Tekken Tag Cheats for the Playstation 2.

Unlock The Extra Fighters.
Gold Tetsujin. - All you have to is play and win 10 consecutive matches. The nrxt time he appearshe will be gold rather than the gun metal that he normally is.

Angel. - Once you have Devil press START as you choose him and you will get to fight as Angel rather than Devil.

Mokujin/Tetsujin. - To unlock these 2 characters you have to complete the game with 10 different characters. Once they ar available you need to press the  button to bring up Tetsujin the metallic fighter. Pressing any of the other 3 buttons (O, TRI or X) will bring up the 3 different versions of the original Mokujin. If the random fighting style of this fighter does not suit the way that you fight then press the Tag button and wait 15 seconds, this will change his fighting style.

Tiger. - First open up 10 characters this is enough to open up the Theatre Option. Now go to the Character Selection Screen and highlight Eddie Gordo, then press the START button you should now be able to fight as Tiger.

Tag Grab.
To perform a Tag Grab with both characters taking part press RIGHT PUNCH and your Tag button together. This will send your opponent flying up into the air they will land awkwardly and your tag partner will land on top of your opponent.

Start With A Partner.
To confuse your opponent start with your tag partner (your second character). To do this press and hold your TAG button and press START as soon as the previous round has ended.

There are Throw Combos that you can access through choosing the right Team here are the ones i've found you can have the Special Teams in any order,you just have to have the right throw to do.

Jin first:Stone Head
Jun first:Cherry Blossom

Gun Jack/Jack-2
Gun Jack first:Triangle + Circle
Jack-2 first:Traingle + Circle

Hwoarang first:Human Cannonball
Baek first:Human Cannonball

King and Armor King
For King, push back+ square + triangle then push tag
For Armor King, push down, steady back-left + triangle + 0 then tag

Downloads And Web Sites.
Desktop Theme (theme.zip 3.9 Meg download).
Filename: dl_tektag_theme.zip

The Namco Bandai Web Site.

New Outfits.
You do not have to fight with the characters a certain amount of time to open up the characters extra outfits you can use them straight away. To get the costumes from T2 and T3 press RIGHT PUNCH or KICK to wear them. Some characters have a 5th costume (Xiaoyu, Law, Kazuya etc) you can access thes by pressing the START button.

Tekken Bowl.
Hidden in the game is a ten pin bowling game to access this you must open up Ogre once done this will give new options in the Main Menu. To get anywhere with this sub game try to avoid any of the android fighters as these have special targetting systems which are very difficult to stop at the right point.

Gallery Mode.
If you pull of a really good move there is a screen grab option which can be used to take a picture of the fight. To get this option you must first unlock Devil in the Arcade Mode. When you want to take a screenshot you must pressSTART and then go to the screen capture option to view a nice clean shot of your victory. Now press the O button to grab the head for the gallery mode to re-visit your past victory shots.

Site written by Tony Logan