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Pokemon Red - Pokemon Red Cheats and Pokemon Red Codes.

Trainer - One who trains other persons or animals

Pokemon Red Trainers. Get through the first eight trainers easily here.

Brock: Trainer number 1; location Pewter City.
Geodude level 12 rock/ground and Onix level 14 rock/ground.
Your tactics
If you start the game with Bulbasaur or Squirtle you should have no problems at all beating Brock and winning the Boulder Badge. Make sure Bulbasaur learns the Vine Whip when he reaches level 13 before you take on Brock. If not use the Bug Pokemon that you should have caught by now and make sure they are above level 12.
Boulder Badge - this increases all of your Pokemons power and allows you to use flash at any time.
TM 34 Bide - your Pokemon misses 2 to 3 turns but does twice the damage he would normally inflict.

Misty: Trainer number 2; location Cerulean City.
Staryu level 19 water, Starmie level 21 water/psychic.
Your Tactics
Use Pikachu you should have him by now, if not use a grass Pokemon and that should see off Misty.
Cascade Badge - Pokemon upto level 30 obey you and it allows you to use Cut at any time.
TM11 Bubbleam a very good attack for water Pokemon to learn.

Lt Surge: Trainer number 3;location Vermillion City.
Pikachu level 18 electric, Voltorb level 21 electric and Raichu level 24 electric.
Your Tactics.
Ground Pokemon are the best ones to use against this lot. If you picked up Geodude at mt Moon use him. If you collected Tm 28 from the Team Rocket member in Cerulean City then teach it Geodude and this should do the trick.
Thunder Badge - increases all of your Pokemons speed and allows you to use Fly at any time.
TM 24 Thunderbolt - Good attack for electric Pokemon to Learn.

Erika: Trainer number 4;location Celadon City.
Tangela level 24 grass, Victreebel level 29 grass/poison, Vileplume level 29 grass/poison.
Your Tactics
If you chose Charmander at the begining of the game you should have no problems beating Erika. If not use either aa bug or flying Pokemon against her. Erika's pokemon use sleep powder so make sure that you a couple of awakenings with you to counter the effects.
Rainbow Badge - Pokemon upto level 50 will obey you and allows you to use strength at any time.
TM 21 - Mega drain a grass skill that allows your Pokemon to absorb energy equal to half the amount of total attack damage sustained by the enemy.

Sabrina: Trainer number 5; location Saffron City.
Mr Mime level 37 Psychic, Venomoth level 38 bug/poison, Kadabra level 38 psychic, Alakazam level 43 psychic.
Your Tactics
Before taking on Sabrina you have to beat her friends. You should use Geodude or Graveler to send their ghost Pokemon packing use the dig move. As for Sabrina's squad of psychic Pokemon use a strong bug Pokemon such as Butterfree and use it's Sleep Powder attack. For a different angle use Geodude or Graveler again and use their Earthquake attack if they have learned it.
Marsh Badge - Pokemon upto level 70 obey you.
TM 46 - Psywave damage done to your oponents Pokemon is one and a half time the level of your Pokemon.

Koga: Trainer number 6; location Fuschia City.
Koffing level 37 poison, Koffing level 37 poison, Muk level 39 poison, Weezing level 433 poison.
Your Tactics
Firstly make sure that before you take on Koga you have some antidotes with you. All Pokemo except grass and fighting types will give a good account of themselve against the nasty poison types. For the easiest victory though use Geodudes/Gravelers earthquake attacks or Drowzee/Hypno's confusion attack.
Soul Badge - Increases all of your Pokemons defence and allows you to use surf at any time.
TM 06 - Toxic poisons opponents Pokemon and the damage inflicted increases with every turn.

Blaine: Trainer number 7; location Cinnebar Island.
Ponyta level 40 fire, Rapidash level 42 fire, Growlithe level 42 fire, Arcanine level 47 fire.
Your Tactics
If you chose Squirtle at the start of the game this should be no problem at all. If you do not have Squirtle then you should have done some fishing by now and have a few water Pokemon. If you don't have any water Pokemon then ground/rock types should be able to sort these fire Pokemon.
Volcano Badge - Increases all of your Pokemons special abilities.
TM 38 - Fire Blast a powerful fire attack.

Giovanni: Trainer number 8; location Viridian City.
Dugtrio level 42 ground, Nidoqueen level 43 poison/ground, Nidoking level 45 poison/ground, Rhyhorn level 45 ground/rock, Rhydon level 50 ground/rock.
Your Tactics
Bring plenty of potions along with you for Giovanni's trainer pals. Those of you who picked Squirtle at the begining of the game have the advantage. Alternatively use any other water Pokemon that knows hydro's pump to drown his Pokemon. You can also use grass or Ice type Pkemon against hm.
Earth Badge - All Pokemon will obey you.
TM 27 - Fissure a very good attack that can make an enemy faint in a single hit. This has one downside that it does'nt work on flying Pokemon.

Site written by Tony Logan