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Clevermedia. Clevermedia shock wave arcade games and clevermedia jigsaw puzzles.

Clevermedia shock wave arcade games.

Clevermedia Shock wave Games.

Chopper Rescue - Soldiers have been stranded on the battlefield. As part of an elite rescue squadron, it is your mission is to rescue the stranded soldiers from the battlefield while avoiding numerous anti-aircraft missiles, trees, and fighter jets.

Dig It - The goal of this game is to defeat your enemies by playing soothing sounds from your trumpet. Press the arrow keys to move yourself around the board, avoiding Kenji or Tesh who are your enemies.

Rat Race - The goal of this game is to get to the cheese before the other mouse gets to it. Move your mouse around the maze by pressing the arrow keys in the direction you want the mouse to move.

Make-Your-Own-Game - You get to build your own game from classic arcade game characters and actions. First, choose a name for your name and then choose from classic arcade game elements.

Desert Rally - This game is a timed race on one of three course sizes. Your goal is to post the best time possible. To control your car, press the shift key for gas and the control key to brake. Press the comma and period keys to steer left and right.

Aztec Underworld.

Alley Cat. - Use the space bar to jump and the arrow keys to move.

Scamper II - Use the mouse or keyboard to move the feet around the maze. Get the stuff. Stay away from the thing. When you get all the objects on a level, look for the doorway out.

Colony Defender - Aliens are invading your colony! Your goal is to stop the alien invasion by destroying the alien pods before they land. Fly your ship by pressing the left and right arrow keys to fly in that direction or to change direction.

Poker Solitaire - You are dealt 25 cards, one at a time. Place each card in one of the 25 spots on the screen. Once a card has been placed, it cannot be moved. Each row across and each column down forms a poker hand. As you complete each row and column, you will be assigned a score for that hand.

Pyramid Solitaire - You must select pairs of cards that total 13. All number cards are worth their number, while an ace is worth 1, a jack 11, a queen 12 and a king 13. You can click on the single card at the bottom of the screen, or any card in the pyramid that is completely uncovered.

Snowman 4000 Construction Kit - Not a game really, just a thing for the kids to create their own little snowman.

Marble Knockout - This game is a simulation of a classic game of marbles. Each player shoots three marbles toward the circles at the end of the board. To shoot the marble, click, hold down the mouse, and drag it across the line separating the shooting area and the scoring area.

Marble Jam - Marble jam is a game of skill and luck. 81 marbles will drop down during the course of a game. Click on the red and green buttons to change the direction of a marble. Get the marbles into any one of the eight slots. If a marble passes all slots and leaves the board, you score no points for that marble.

Haunted Castle - You are trapped inside a haunted castle and are surrounded by ghosts. The goal is to kill the ghosts by getting them to follow you into the light or into piles of other ghosts bones. Every time you move, the ghosts move closer to you. If two ghosts run into each other they turn into a pile of bones.


Flood Control - The town dam is about to burst, and your job is to save everyone from the impending flood. Connect the ditches so that the water will not wash away the town. For the first few levels, delaying the water for a little while, as indicated by the points needed display in the lower left corner, will be sufficient.

Check Out Line.

Nile Tiles [Mahjong] - Just Mah Jongg Solitaire is a whole site dedicated to the classic tile matching game. There are more than a dozen tile sets, 100+ layouts and many backgrounds to choose from. You can even save your game and continue later.

Meltdown - Try and explode all of the atoms with the least amount of particles fired as possible.

Push Around. - The goal of this Sokoban game is to push boxes around the grid to place them over the targets. Push boxes from behind by pressing the arrow keys into an empty space ahead from any direction. You cannot pull boxes in the reverse direction. There are 90 different puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Games.

Bomb Squad.

Brain Strain.

Go Figure - Find the sequence of numbers to complete the equation. Click on a number to select it. Lines will connect the numbers you have selected. Each level gets a little tougher.

Horse & Jockey Puzzle.

Apple Turnover - No instructions for this game, but you can work it out. Basically you want as much apples in your colour as possible.

Flash Pegs - There are nine different boards with pegs and peg holes. Click and drag a peg, jumping over an existing peg into an empty hole, to remove the jumped peg. For every peg removed from a board, you get one point. Try to leave only one peg on each board, by making horizontal or vertical moves.

Pentominoes - Pentominoes are puzzle pieces made from exactly five squares. There are a total of 12 pieces, adding up to a total of 60 squares. You can arrange these pieces in four different rectangles. There are many solutions for most, but only two solutions for a 20 x 3 rectangle. You can flip and rotate pieces as much as you want.

Deduction - The goal of Deduction is to guess which five pegs the computer has chosen using deductive reasoning. The computer will create a sequence of five colored pegs, which you must recreate by selecting pegs in the color and order you believe the computer has chosen. Press the left and right arrow keys to move your cursor.

Pretty Good Bowling - Pick your shows and ball and head for the lanes. Then direct each throw and try to score as high as you can in this bowling simulation game.

Pretty Good Dart - Begin by lining up the dart with the spot on the board that you wish to hit. Then press and hold the mouse button. With the button pressed, pull back on the mouse to prepare your throw. Push forward and let go of the button to throw the dart. The strength of your throw is determined by how fast you are pushing forward when you let go of the mouse button.

Pretty Good Golf - Pretty Good Golf was one of the Web's very first Shockwave games. If debuted in January, 1996 and soon after won one of the first Macromedia Shockwave Site of the Day awards. Since then, it has been upgraded many times.

Pretty Good Pool - To make a shot simply position the stick with the cursor then click down to start pulling back, and release to shoot. You must be over the playing area (in the game) to click. The stick can move while you are pulling back, so you need a steady hand just like in the real game.

Word Search - Search for words hidden within a grid of letters. Choose one of three levels you wish to play. The Easy level is an 11 x 11 grid, with words placed from left to right or top to bottom. The Moderate level is a 15 x 15 grid with words placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Clevermedia.Com Web Site.

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